Thursday, 23 September 2021

Backing up your nuBuilder database

nuBuilder contains all the customization done in its database.

  • Objects
  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • SQL

So to backup everything, all that is needed is to backup the database using the Backup Button or Option...


Importing Users

Importing Users into nuBuilder (the zzzzsys_user table) can be done using CSV Transfer.

By following these steps...

  • Create a CSV file in the format explained below.
  • Place this file in the temp directory where nuBuilder is installed.
  • Import from CSV File. Choose zzzzsys_user from the nuScroll list.
  • Delimiter. Choose Comma.
  • Import to (Table). The name of the file below.
  • Click the Transfer Action Button.







  • zzzzsys_user_id: The first column has to contain consecutive numbers (e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc.) The importer will replace them with a unique nuBuilder id.
  • sus_zzzzsys_access_id: Provide a valid Access Id (See Access Level Form -> ID or look it up in the table zzzzsys_access, column zzzzsys_access_id)
  • sus_name: User name.
  • sus_login_name: User login name
  • sus_login_password: User password in plaintext. The importer will replace it with its MD5 value.

The new Refresh option

When a user logs in to nuBuilder, nuBuilder creates a cache in the browser's memory. This cache holds information for...

  • Database tables and their structures.
  • Level of access allowed for the logged-in user.

Because of this, if a developer makes changes to either of the above this cache is no longer accurate and to update it in the past required the user to log out and log in again.

The new Refresh Option now refreshes this cache without logging in and logging out.

And this can be done in 2 ways...

Right Click nuBuilder Properties - Context Menu

 Another feature of the newest update to nuBuilder Forte 4.5 is the ability to right-click certain Form properties.

This feature gives quick access to the most used properties of Browse and Tab Titles as well as the most common properties of an Object...

Here are some examples...

Browse Titles

Tab Titles

Object Properties

Friday, 17 September 2021

The new ContentBox Object now avaliable in 4.5

The new ContentBox Object doesn't store any data, it simply offers an elegant way of grouping other Objects on a nuBuilder Forte Edit Form. Taking a Form that looks like this...

And allowing fields to be organized visually by groups, with each group having its own label...

For more information about the ContentBox Object, you can read this post from the nuBuilder Forum.

The new WYSIWYG Object now avaliable in 4.5

 The nuBuilder team has been busy.

There have been a number of improvements, including the edition of 2 new Objects available to developers creating Forms.

Here is a quick look at one of those Objects. 

The WYSIWYG Object.

This Object attaches to a TEXT field in MySQL the same as nuBuilder's Text Object except the WYSIWYG Object saves data as an HTML DIV.



Saves data like this...

Well done team.